Self-Care Savings Challenge

A deep tissue massage or a new haircut at the salon seem like unrealistic pleasures when you’re on a financial journey to get out of debt or saving for a major expense.

Life is too short to not find pleasure and enjoyment!

Yes, investing in your financial health is important…

But saving money to use towards investing in yourself is also important!

A savings challenge can help you find extra money to use toward a self-care activity that you desire.

This self-care savings challenge is designed to fund self-care while maintaining your budget.

Get Started

Get the Coloring Printable

You can purchase the Self-Care Savings Challenge from my Etsy shop. Download and print the saving challenge coloring page.

Secure The Coins

Decide where you will stash your money during this saving challenge. Would you like to use cash envelopes, a money jar, or a digital account? Pick a place to store the funds that you set aside for yourself.

Saving Challenge Rules

Color Your Money

When you put money in your savings stash, color in a graphic with the corresponding dollar amount.

Hands Off The Cash

Stay committed and do NOT take out money from your stash until your whole page is colored in.

Share The Wealth

Tag me on Instagram @AshleyOnPurpose to share your savings progress.

Enjoy Your Splurge!

Once the whole page is colored, you will have $150 saved and ready to use on your self-care activity.

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