Tools To Help You Lose Weight

Health and nutrition tools serve different purposes to help you achieve your body goals. Having the proper tools can make your weight loss journey more manageable.

Here are my recommendations on weight loss tools to help you lose weight.


Smart Scale

A scale will show your starting point and your progress overtime. A body composition scale is even better because it shows your progress with losing weight and increasing lean muscle mass. The RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Digital Smart Scale monitor several health metrics such as body weight, body fat percentage, bone mass, and water percentage.

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Tape Measure

Scales can be tricky in terms of accurately monitoring your weight loss journey. Sometimes the scale just doesn’t reflect the full picture. Taking your body measurements is recommended to really show you how your body is changing. The tape measure will show you whether or not you are losing inches. You may lose inches even when the number on the scale isn’t moving. You can purchase a basic tape measure or a smart measuring tape.

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Food Tracking

Food tracking is one of the most beneficial tools for losing weight, understanding your eating habits, and discovering the triggers for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other food-related conditions. You can keep track of your food with a paper food journal or a digital tracker.

Food Journal

A food journal, or diary, is a tool to log what you eat and drink each day. Think of your food journal as a diary specifically for your food intake. You can find free printable food journal sheets with a Google search, or you could purchase a food journal online.

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MyFitnessPal App

Digital food trackers are alternatives to writing everything down on a paper food journal. MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular food diary apps. The MyFitnessPal app is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.

Portion Controlling

It’s not unusual to assume that you’re an expert at eyeballing portion sizes. Portion controlling tools help you monitor how much you are eating more accurately.

Water Bottle

Thirst can trick you into thinking you are hungry, so staying hydrated is important to managing calorie consumption. You don’t have to be bored with the old, basic water bottles. I recommend you consider purchasing a motivational water bottle. Motivational water bottles remind you to keep sipping water throughout the day with time stamps along the side of the bottle.

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Portion-Controlled Dishes

Using smaller pates and meal prep containers will help control your portions and reduce your calorie intake. A simple way to reduce the amount of food you eat is to use a smaller plate. Portion control containers enable you to prepare your meals in advance will also ensuring you eat less.

Food Scale

A food scale is the most precise way to measure whether or not you are properly controlling your portions. Using a digital food scale will train you to recognize real serving sizes.

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Activity and Fitness Tracking

Wearable Activity Tracker

Wearable activity trackers monitor your physical activity throughout the day. My favorite is the Fitbit. Using a Fitbit device gives you access to the Fitbit app. On the Fitbit app, you can track your activity, food intake, water consumption, and sleep patterns.

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The Bottom Line

There are many tools to help you reach your body goals. These tools can significantly impact your weight loss journey and accelerate your results.

I recommend examining your personal health goals and deciding which tools would be beneficial for your unique goals. Start with what you consider essential and buy more overtime.

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