Day 5 of Weight Loss Diary

Journaling my wellness journey to aid in achieving my health goals while inspiring others.


April 18, 2022


250 pounds (last taken on 4/14/2022)

Water Consumption:

30 oz

Total Steps:


Physical Activity:


Food Intake:

I started consuming calories at 9:20 am. My last meal was at 8 pm.

  • Grape soda
  • RITZ cheese crackers
  • Life Savers Gummies
  • Jalapeño Turkey Crunch Sandwich from McAlister’s Deli… I might be addicted to the toasted jalapeño roll LOL
  • Jalapeño Spud Chips
  • Sugar cookie
  • Strawberry lemonade
  • Zatarian’s Dirty Rice


I totally ate way too much yesterday and I feel it! This morning I could certainly tell that my body is processing and digesting the food from yesterday.


I am taking Performix® SST, a timed-release thermogenic.

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