How To Make Poshmark Closet Signs with Canva

Do you want to personalize and brand your reseller store? Creating a sign for your Poshmark closet can really help attract Poshers and increase your sales.

The first impression matters! Capture shoppers’ attention and reveal your brand and store vibes with eye-catching graphics and banners.

Canva is a great, free resource to make a professional signs and banners. Learn how to create graphics with Canva for your Poshmark reselling business.

What are Poshmark signs?

Poshmark signs are customized images that you upload as a listing in your Poshmark closet. Poshmark signs and banners are created in an outside programs and apps. It is then uploaded in a listing like you would upload photos of your merchandise.

Where to find pre-made Poshmark Closet signs

If you don’t have time to create your own Poshmark signs, you can get pre-made sets on Etsy. Most pre-made signs are high quality PNG images that are ready to post on Poshmark and Instagram.

If you aren’t design savvy, then you may consider hiring someone to create graphics for you. On the other hand, you could give it a try using free software like Canva.

How to create a Poshmark sign with Canva

Canva is a popular graphic design platform. Canva utilizes a drag and drop feature which makes the app super beginner friendly and convenient. Canva can be used as an app on your phone or on the desktop.

  • Create a Canva account
  • Click the “Create a design” button
  • Select the square Instagram post template or use the Custom Dimension option. If you use the Custom Dimension option, set it to 1080x1080px.
  • Browse the pre-made templates and chose your favorite design, or create your own design from scratch with a blank template.
  • Click on the TEXT button and type what you’d like the graphic to say.
  • Save your graphic by clicking the “Download” button
  • Upload the graphic to your Poshmark closet by creating a new listing.
  • Mark the listing as “not for sale”.

Tips for creating Poshmark signs

1. Consider the graphics that are best for you closet.

Some common Poshmark listing graphics are:

  • Welcome To My Closet
  • Bundle & Save
  • Make Me An Offer
  • I Ship Fast
  • Everything Past This Point Has Sold

2. Use signs to organize your closet.

Create or buy organization signs such as Kids, Women’s Tops, Bottoms, etc. In order to keep your closet organized by category, you will share all bottoms, then share the Poshmark closet sign for bottoms. Make sure the “Sort By” filter is set to “Just Shared.”

3. Customize your Poshmark header image.

The header image is one of the first things that draws a customer’s attention. The header image is the equivalent to a Facebook banner. Many Poshers use the header image to tell potential buyers more about their Poshmark closet.

The Poshmark app allows you to customize your header image.

  • Go to Account Settings then “My Profile”
  • Select Edit Header Image
  • Use a graphic that is at lease 320px by 160px in size.

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