Snatched Waist Challenge

Free 7-day email course to teach you the methods I used to slim my waist in the past.

Let’s snatch that waist!

So, you want to learn how to get a snatched waist??

I created a mini e-course to start snatching your waist and achieving a curvy hourglass figure.

You’ll learn:

  • How to melt away stubborn belly fat without spending ridiculous amounts of time in the gym
  • Natural methods to end bloating and discomfort
  • Why you need to start lifting weights ASAP
  • Ways to boost your energy so the belly inches disappear

Start snatching your waist today!


I would absolutely freaking love to see your progress and results!!!!

So feel free to send me photos and/or videos of you going hard and showing your journey! You can post photos in the comment section below, tag me on Instagram @ashleyonpurpose, post in our private women-only Facebook group – QueenPOWERment, or even send me a video clip for me to post on my YouTube channel.

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