How To Make Extra Money With Poshmark

If you want to make some extra money while cleaning out your closet, then you should definitely be trying to sell on a second-hand app. Learn how to earn extra money by reselling clothes, shoes, and accessories on Poshmark.

Earn Money With Poshmark

In December 2021, I decided to do a mass closet cleanout and earn some money by selling clothes online. I had tons of clothes that were never worn and others that were still in excellent condition. I needed extra funds to help pay off debt, so selling these items was the best option for me.

Click here to read the blog post that explains the start of my Poshmark side hustle.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a digital marketplace to buy and sell new and used clothes, shoes, accessories, home décor, beauty cosmetics, luxury items, and electronics via computer web browser or mobile phone app. The app incorporates the top features of eBay, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Selling your old clothes online has never been easier. Poshmark is one of the easiest resell apps to get started with. The buyer pays for shipping, the seller puts forth minimal effort to close the sale, and Poshmark instantly emails a pre-addressed shipping label.

How Does Poshmark Work?

Poshmark users can shop popular fashions, list their own personal items, and follow other users. Sellers list items on the app by adding at least one photo, a description of the item, and the selling price. When the seller is ready to share the item, the listing goes live on Poshmark for followers to see. Sellers can also share the listing to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • There are no listing fees. However, Poshmark takes 20% commission of the selling cost when the listing price is greater than $15. Poshmark takes a flat fee of $2.95 for anything under $15.
  • Buyers can negotiate prices. The seller can easily decline or counter an offer from a buyer.
  • Buyers pay a flat rate for shipping. If the item is heavier, then the seller will have to pay to upgrade the shipping.
  • After a buyer purchases an item, the seller simply prints the pre-addressed priority label and drops the package off at the local post office. Poshmark emails a shipping label as soon as the item is sold – and I do mean immediately. The seller is responsible for printing the prepaid shipping label and taking the package to USPS. If you don’t have tape, don’t worry because the post office staff can tape the label onto the package. Taping is a free perk of Priority Shipping with USPS.
  • The profits remain in your Poshmark account until you transfer the money to your bank account or use the money to purchase an item on the Poshmark app.
  • Sharing your closet and the closet of other Poshers is important for growing your following and exposing your closet to potential buyers.
  • The listing stays posted until you delete it. If the item sales before you remove the listing, then you no longer can remove it.

How to Sell on Poshmark

Here is a short step-by-step process to get you started as a seller on Poshmark.

1. Download the Poshmark app.

2. Create an account and set up your profile.

3. Use a cell phone to take pictures of the item.

4. Write a description of the item.

5. Set the price of the item.

6. List the item.

7. Share the listing as often as possible.

8. Accept the offer you receive from a buyer or make a counteroffer.

9. Print the shipping label after the item has sold.

10. Wait for the item to be marked as received.

11. Get paid! The profit will be posted to your Poshmark account after the buyer has received the item.

For more FAQ, click here.

In Summary

I have enjoyed being a Posher! I plan to continue selling on the app and using the extra money to pay off my student loan and credit card debt. I’m glad that I gave Poshmark a shot as an extra stream of income!

So, go explore! Try the Poshmark app for yourself!

Feel free to follow me @AshleyOnPurpose on Poshmark! Leave a comment below telling me that you followed me, and I will follow you back and share your closet!

If you are new to Poshmark, use the code “ASHLEYONPURPOSE” for $10 off your first purchase.

If you have any questions about Poshmark, leave a comment below.

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