My Stay at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis All-Inclusive Resort in Cancun

Spring Breakers and summertime fun-seekers flock to Cancun, Mexico to enjoy its party scene every year. The Grand Oasis is a popular party resort in the Hotel Zone. Continue reading for a review of my full stay at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis All-Inclusive Resort in Cancun!


We got off the plane and walked through the airport. I was surprised to see that customs was not “customing” LOL. Everyone was just allowed to walk through without anyone being detained for a search. We hurried past the sales people in the corridor leading to the parking lot.

Although I had already reserved our transportation shuttle, we still had to waited in the heat for about 45 minutes. When we finally got inside the shuttle, we enjoyed the air conditioning and conversation with the driver who was fluent in English. The transportation company was Cancun Shuttle, Taxis, & Transportation Services.

We arrived at 4-star, all-inclusive resort The Pyramid at Grand Oasis around 3 p.m. The all-inclusive resort is right off the main strip in the Hotel Zone. There were several valets waiting at the entrance of the resort, and all of the valets were friendly and eager to help us unload our luggage from the shuttle.

Pyramid at Grand Oasis All-Inclusive Resort Cancun Mexico

We booked our stay at the Oasis Hotels in Cancun, which are all-inclusive resorts with a variety of options in the Mexican Caribbean. Specifically, we booked a Sian Ka’an Junior Suite in The Pyramid at Grand Oasis. The Sian Ka’an rooms are located on adults-only floors and provide access to exclusive privileges.


Our hotel room had one bedroom, two full bathrooms, a living room, and a balcony. The decor in the room was tasteful, and the beds were comfy. We enjoyed spectacular views of the ocean and pool area. We even witnessed a wedding from our patio. If you stay at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis, request a room with a patio if you want a view of the gorgeous beach.

I booked our room through United Hotels. While booking, I typed a special request to have a jacuzzi. To our surprise, there was no jacuzzi. I was willing to pay for a room upgrade that had a jacuzzi upon arrival, but the resort was fully booked and there were no rooms available. Since we did not get the jacuzzi, I wish I would have book a regular room because the décor wasn’t any different (I know from my visit in 2019).

Also, If you have never been to the resort, then the website may be a bit confusing or misleading. The Oasis Hotels website lists seven hotels that visitors can choose from. What the site does not specifically explain (at least I did not find it on the website) is that The Pyramid at Grand Oasis, Grand Oasis Cancun, and Oh! Cancun On The Beach are on the same grounds and share facilities. One of the key differences is that The Pyramid at Grand Oasis has adults-only exclusive areas on its property. However, guests of Grand Oasis Cancun and Oh! Cancun On The Beach can freely walk onto The Pyramid’s property because they are all connected.



Since the resort was all-inclusive, we had access to free food and drink 24 hours of the day. The food was mostly served by buffet. Before we began our adventures the next morning, we ate breakfast on-site at Tun-Kul Bites Food Hall Restaurant for an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. On the last night, we enjoyed dinner on-site at the Market Place Food Hall and Bites Gourmet. The resort food was decent but not remarkable. The lack of flavorful food at the resort lead us to exploring off-site options.

The most memorable food experience took place on the last day. We desperately wanted to find some authentic barria tacos. We took the bus from the resort toward downtown Cancun. The bus dropped us off at a random location because the barria restaurant was not on the bus route. We then hiked all over Cancun before we found a spot that had barria tacos. We took an Uber car back to the Stripe (Party Zone are) and went shopping. When we finally returned to the resort, we were exhausted and incredibly hungry AGAIN lol.

Don’t come to this hotel expecting free “top shelf” alcohol. The drinks were obviously watered down.


After filling our tummies, we laid by then pool before attending our scheduled spa appointment. The on-site Sensoria Health & Spa is gorgeous. We loved the Deluxe Night package which included a steam bath, sauna, body wrap, 50-minute relaxing massage, 30 minutes in the jacuzzi, strawberries with chocolate, and 2 wine glasses with champagne.

Other amenities at The Pyramid at Grand Oasis All-Inclusive Resort in Cancun:

  • Red Casino
  • Yoga and Zumba – we witnessed an outdoor Zumba class that looked like lots of fun!
  • Tabaqueria, a boutique with crafts, souvenirs and snacks – we bought souvenirs in the shop.
  • Oh! Beach Club which has a stage, DJ booth, and open bar


The Pyramid at Grand Oasis All-Inclusive Resort in Cancun is a good option for people seeking a vacation with little effort in planning and coordinating. The resort atmosphere didn’t really provide exposure to the local culture. The food at the resort definitely could have been better. If you are traveling to Cancun and don’t want to leave the property, then the Oasis Hotels are definitely worth checking out!

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