25 Positive Affirmations For Weight Loss

The fitness gurus and internet always tell us that weight loss and any body transformation starts in the kitchen and gym. Maintaining a healthy eating regimen and routinely engaging in physical activity are indispensable for weight loss. However, there is a third component that doesn’t get as much attention. Using positive affirmations for weight loss is another key to body transformation.

Weight Loss Positive Affirmations for Manifesting

Weight loss and achieving #bodygoals also starts in the mind. Enhancing your mindset is the secret weapon to permanent changes plus an overall positive experience during the transformation.

Affirmations are my favorite mindset hack (…..Hence the tagline: AFFIRM. ALIGN. ACTIVATE). A positive affirmation is an empowering statement or phrase that you repeat to yourself in an effort to challenge negative and self-sabotaging thoughts or to overcome challenging circumstances. Affirmations are often spoken aloud or written down.

I prepared a list of affirmations to help you achieve your body goals. Use these weight loss affirmations to build your confidence. Every time you practice and recite positive affirmations, you rewire your brain and increase your chances to achieve your #bodygoals!

25 Positive Affirmations For Weight Loss

  1. I have the power to change my life.
  2. I can manifest anything that I want!
  3. I deserve to achieve my goals.
  4. I know I can transform my body and reach my goal.
  5. I have my dream body.
  6. Losing weight is easy and effortless for me.
  7. I lose weight everyday without even really trying.
  8. I am confident in my ability to succeed.
  9. I create my dream body with every healthy choice I make.
  10. I enjoy eating healthy foods that contribute to my well-being.
  11. Everything I eat nourishes and strengthens my body.
  12. Water tastes soooo good!
  13. Exercising is so much fun!
  14. I love how I feel while exercising.
  15. I have lots of energy all the time.
  16. I am filled with positive energy.
  17. I love what I see in the mirror right now!
  18. I am beautiful on the inside and out.
  19. My body is beautiful and strong.
  20. Unwanted fat quickly melts off of my body all the time.
  21. My stomach gets flatter and narrower every day.
  22. I deserve to be and feel sexy and attractive.
  23. I release any negativity in my mind and life.
  24. I have a positive outlook, and I’m surrounded by positive people.
  25. I am healed and no longer addicted to anything.

Pick affirmations that resonate with you. You can write down your favorite affirmations on paper or create a note in your smartphone. Recite these affirmations two or three times a day. Remember, repetition is the key to success.

If you decide to use one of these affirmations, let me know on Instagram! Tag me @ashleyonpurpose

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