The Pathway

The pathway of life varies often….

The path may be smooth… while at times it may be rocky and full of pebbles, rocks and particles that get in our way…

While it is important to move forward and conquer the path… Take notice of the rocky path… Notice the shape and size of the rocks….

How does it affect your life? What purpose does it serve? How can you use it? Can you offer it to others through testimony?

I have learned to not merely step over or push the rocks and pebbles away…..

I now stop and pick them up…

I make note of where they are located on my path and how it serves my life.

I savor in the path… smooth or rocky…

Life has a way of changing quite often throughout one’s life… Savor each moment….

Remember each significant pebble or stone on your path… It will tell a story….

💜 Poetic Healer


Tina Cook is a 42 year old woman striving to be the ‘best version’ of herself daily. Tina works in the healthcare field helping to protect the most vulnerable victims…. victims of child abuse. She strives to be a leader that influences others to be great! Her passion for writing led her on a writing journey that started over a year ago after a dear friend inspired her through the art of developing a beautiful friendship. As she started to write, she realized “it heals my soul to write about my experiences in life”. Tina is a Poetic Healer on a journey to spread love, joy and peace. Tina hopes and prays that she is able to build a platform that will inspire women to ensure they develop self-love in order to love others.

18 responses to “The Pathway”

  1. I finally found time to read and internalize the message. This is so true and important. You know I believe in self-evaluations. Pathways…interesting…good job friend!

    • Thank you so much 😊 ! I have to stop daily and examine the path…. it changes quite often but there are so many messages and blessing we must capture… thank you for your support and feedback. I greatly appreciate it ❤️

  2. Glad to see that you are sharing your gifts with the world. Your words are insightful and heartfelt. God bless you!

    • D,
      Thank you so much for your support! You are a source of light that came to me during a busy time in life…. obtaining my graduate degree was a challenge and our time together made the path awesome to travel ….. 💚💗

  3. I agree with you Tina. Pathways in life do often vary.

    Our journey can be extremely simple or very complicated. With complicated paths, we encounter so many rocks and pebbles, it can become very distracting to reach your end goal. I like the fact that you are able to pause and take note of the sizes and shapes of the rocks you meet along your journey. Most importantly, I love the fact that you didn’t disregard the things you encounter on the smooth paths as well.

    The what, where, when, and how on your paths are vital to the success of your end goals no matter how complicated and rocky your path may be or how simple and smooth your path has been. Making note of where the bumps in the roads are can assist you with similar paths you may encounter in the future. Remembering how smooth a path can be if you maneuver the correct way can encourage you to continue to avoid obstacles in the future.

    Having the awareness to stop and pick up some rocks along the way provides a safer path for the ones that follow you, and this is what makes a person a good leader. Continue to be a leader and others will follow.

    Your story has just begun.

    Great read!

    • Absolutely stated so beautiful. Thank you Dominique for your words of wisdom and kindness.

      The story has just begun and I am so excited to continue ….

      The path will remain and I will continue to take notice of the pieces I am presented daily. I pray I can continue to lead and guide others on the pathway of life. 💜

  4. I love it Tina!!! Your brings such an insight into everyday experiences and how we need to appreciate the test in our testimony!

    • Thank you so much Yvette. It is very important to savoy the daily moments we encounter….
      Appreciate the pathway💜💜

  5. Tina, this is a beautiful poem. This is very true as we go throughout life. The things that we often consider thorns to us should be to strengthen us so that we can be an encouragement to someone else. I will definetely share.

    • Thank you Catonya! I appreciate you sharing and providing such wonderful feedback. Yes… all thorns, rocks and particles can be used to teach a lesson. It gives us an opportunity to share the experience with others. 💜

  6. Love this TINA!!! These words are so true. We have to continue to be present and share our truths with others to assist them on their path! Your path will continue to be an inspiration to others!!

    • Thanks so much ! I definitely want to assist others on their paths and I will continue to share. I appreciate your support and friendship 😊💜

  7. This was right on time. The path of life is hard and filled with so many lessons. I’m admiring the path, weeping as I travel, and taking notes of the good and the troubling situations encountered along my way. Very powerful Tina 💛💛💛

    • You’re so right ! The path has so many lessons… embrace each one dear … I appreciate your feedback and so thankful for your support! 💜💜💜

  8. Beautiful words! That’s so true, we all need to have that present moment awareness, we totally lose sight of that. I definitely have my moments, this was totally a reminder of that!

    • You’re welcome! So true ! We need that reminder. On days that are challenging I often think of the very words I wrote … thank you so much for your suppport… 💜

    • Thank you so much! Please share with others and ask them to comment as well. I plan to do some spoken words live soon. I would love for you to come out 😊

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