Learning to be a Woman

I often visualize images of a woman… strong, independent, classy, virtuous… 

Society often categorizes black women as light and dark skinned and everything in between to fit their ‘norm’. Social media tells us we are too thin, too fat, too loud and too aggressive….

I have seen woman struggle with self-esteem issues that often lead to stress, health issues, and misguided actions in life.

As a young girl, I often saw images of women being left alone to care for everything within the home as well as outside the home. I saw images of women that included masking that led to severe stress and depression.

After two marriages and two divorces I have learned to let go of the mask…. release the fear of rejection and allow vulnerability to be my friend. A good dear friend taught me the art of true friendship. I learned to love myself while allowing myself to be vulnerable in a safe place.

I am learning to be a woman. It started with self-love which allows me to give my best and be of service to others. 

I am learning to be a woman… confident, virtuous and purpose driven. I had to start within myself first to create a great woman. A woman with a purpose and plan. Ready to serve others and live life.

It takes God’s grace and mercy to push past hurt, pain, fear and disappointment. 

I first seek to be what I often seek from others… loving, kind, respectful, loyal, trustworthy, and the desire to serve others through authentic relationships.

My journey will continue as I grow to the the best version of me…. a woman learning to be a great woman! 

Poetic Healer

About The Author

Tina Cook is a proud mother of 2 sons, ages 15 and 9. She is a 42 year old woman striving to be the ‘best version ‘ of herself daily. She enjoys reading, exercising and spending quality time with her family and friends. Tina works in the healthcare field helping to protect the most vulnerable victims…. victims of child abuse. She strives to be a leader that influences others to be great! Her passion for writing led her on a writing journey that started over a year ago after a dear friend inspired her through the art of developing a beautiful friendship. As she started to write, she realized “it heals my soul to write about my experiences in life”. Tina is a Poetic Healer on a journey to spread love, joy and peace. Tina hopes and prays that she is able to build a platform that will inspire women to ensure they develop self-love in order to love others.

14 responses to “Learning to be a Woman”

  1. Niece!!!! This is AWESOME!!!! I am so proud of you and I pray that God will continue to use you to inspire thousands to take the JUMP to a destination of HAPPINESS, which encompasses LOVE!Your Proud Auntie, Regina

    • Thanks Auntie for your beautiful words! I am the woman you see today because of great influence from you and so many other great women in our family … thank you for always loving me 💜

    • Thank you Mrs. H! You have been a wonderful blessing in my life. I appreciate all your support, wisdom and kind words.

    • Thank you dear! I appreciate your support ! Thank you for being a wonderful friend . ❤️

  2. Awesome read Miss. Tina, I’m so proud of you for stepping outside of what you were accustomed to and creating a new norm for you and your boys. Love you 💗Shimikki

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